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Targeted Advertising Distribution Baltimore MD

Door to Door Marketing Delivery

At Advertising Distributors, Inc., your business is our business!  We can provide targeted, door to door delivery of your marketing materials for LESS THAN POSTAGE RATES!

Our reliable and professional delivery service provides you with the ability to market your business directly to specific customers in your target areas. You can specify zip codes, neighborhoods, even right down to specific areas. We will work with you to develop a customized, targeted, plan, and once your materials are delivered, we will provide you with a verification report and even photos, upon request in advance.

Our services are valuable for ANY business!

We work with a wide range of businesses, from entrepreneurs and small businesses to large corporations like newspapers and phone companies. Our services are custom tailored for your business strategy, so you can specify every detail, and rest assured that our work will meet your high expectations. Request a Quote for your small or large business today!

Don't Take Our Word For It

Read what our clients are saying about us...

"We have been recognized by Kohl's for the fourth consecutive year with the 2013 Kohl's Distribution Excellence Award. Since your company is a major contributor in our distribution effort, we would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the accurate and timely distribution of our paper which allowed us to receive this recognition. Your attention to detail and quick response to our requests and changes are traits essential to maintaining the high quality of our distribution effort. Thank you again for all your assistance and we look forward to continuing the relationship between our two companies."

Advertising Distributors received the 2013 Kohl's Distribution Excellence Award Advertising Distributors received the 2013 Kohl's Distribution Excellence Award Advertising Distributors received the 2012 Kohl's Distribution Excellence Award Mike Wilbanks
General Manager
East County Times

"ADI has been an exceptional distribution partner for us. They provide quality delivery service and excellent follow-through. Tony B. and his staff have been great to work with. I really enjoy the professional and warm working relationship that we have. My thanks to Tony and his staff for all that they do to make my job easier."

Edwin Franze
Circulation Operations Manager
The Baltimore Sun

"For over 12 years ADI has been an invaluable part of our distribution throughout the Maryland area. ADI's carrier staff are professional and always willing to work with us to ensure that our customers are satisfied. It's a comforting feeling to know that your product will be delivered on time with no problem. We look forward to a growing partnership with ADI into the future."

David Fike
APG Media of Chesapeake

"I have worked with Advertising Distributors on many projects. The owner and staff exemplify the meanings of productivity and professionalism. They are committed to prompt, friendly and efficient service. Due to their and efficient service. Due to their commitment, I have been able to maintain a high standard of quality for all of my customers."

Judy Gustitus
Media Execution Planner
Valassis Companies

"Advertising Distributors has been faithfully delivering the East County Times for the last 10 years. Any complaints have been few and far between and have been handled with speed and efficiency. We would recommend ADI to any business looking for a reliable and affordable distribution company."

Nancy Wilbanks
East County Times

"I am writing this recommendation because I feel strongly about the importance of good business relationships. We purchased the Baltimore Guide in June 2013 and one critical issue was distribution. We needed a solution right away and after meeting with ADI we knew we found the right partner. Since then our business relationship has grown and we have resolved several other issues together. The Baltimore Guide is a free newspaper that profits from advertising sales, and without a first class distribution process, all the sales are worthless. ADI is a first class partner that we value very much."

Perry Corsetti
Baltimore Guide

"Advertising Distributors has always been very timely, professional and flexible. My materials are in good hands with them and are distributed with care to meet my expectations."

Monica Booker
Marketing Director
The Y in Central Maryland

"No Worries With ADI! Their service is as dependable as the Sun Rising every morning."

Lew Kerby
Retail Sales Manager
The Baltimore Sun Media Group

Targeted Advertising Delivery Services

Advertising Distributors offers delivery services for doorhangers and other hand-delivered marketing materials.

Advertising Distributors offers delivery services for doorhangers and other hand-delivered marketing materialsAt Advertising Distributors Inc. we pride ourselves on the quality of our services. We pay attention to those little details that give you an edge in today's competitive marketplace. We can help you with everything from creating and producing your marketing materials, to choosing and targeting the appropriate areas, to setting up recurring marketing campaigns that will fit your budget and help increase your bottom line.

Because we're a local company, we're familiar with the local area. So we can provide you with accurate, up-to-date statistics and other information that will assist you in getting the most for your advertising dollars.

In addition to the Baltimore area, our crews deliver in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), District of Columbia (DC), and Virginia (VA).

Key Distribution Services

  •  Full saturation delivery
  •  Door to door distribution
  •  Maximum number of households delivered to in a defined targeted area
  •  Time controlled distribution based on client's requirements
  •  Quality control - checkers, address verification, photos and visual
  •  Distribution maps prepared
  •  Poly bags provided as required

We deliver marketing materials for a wide variety of businesses including:

  • Newspaper publishers
  • Phone book publishers
  • Real estate companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Restaurants and fast food chains
  • Auto dealers & repair shops
  • Home service centers
  • Mortgage companies
  • Home improvement contractors
  • Local and national companies
  • Health clubs
  • Pet centers & Veterinarians
  • Accountants & Attorneys
  • Retail & specialty stores
  • Non-profit & community organizations
  • Political campaigns
  • Government programs

We can distribute any of the following marketing materials:

  •  Newspapers
  •  Community phone books
  •  Flyers
  •  Door hangers
  •  Product samples
  •  Sales coupon magazines
  •  Your custom marketing pieces

Remember, we're all about TARGETED marketing. Your marketing right where you want it.

Total Marketing Coverage advertising delivery services

Full saturation delivery of door hangers, poly bags and all other marketing materials

Targeted Door-to-door advertising delivery services

Door-to-door advertising delivery services

We hand-deliver door hangers, newspapers, product samples and all other marketing materials

We hand deliver newspapers, product samples, door hangers and all other marketing materials

Targeted, full saturation advertising delivery

Door-to-door marketing delivery services

Targeted Door-hanger delivery services

Door-to-door Total Market Coverage advertising distribution

Targeted, door-to-door delivery of newspapers, flyers, door hangers, poly bags and more

About Us

Attention to detail is what sets ADI apart from our competitors. Our dedicated team strives to maintain the high standards and expectations of our customers every day...rain, sleet, snow or shine.

Advertising Distributors Inc. - Targeted Door-to-Door Advertising Delivery Services

At Advertising Distributors Inc., we always go above and beyond what our clients expect, and we handle any problems that arise quickly and efficiently.

Our crews, who average over 20 years each in experience, realize that they are part of a team, and they are a valued and respected cornerstone of the business and our continued success. Our management team is dedicated, reliable, and knowledgeable in all facets of our business from clients to crews. Our team's commitment to excellence has been the basis of our growth with both new business, and repeat business from our long term clients.

Company History

After 25 years of managing, running and owning multiple steel businesses, Tony decided to make a change. In 1998, he was offered the opportunity to manage a door to door delivery company. After successfully managing all facets of the company and not able to advance further, Tony incorporated Advertising Distributors, Inc. in 2007 with encouragement from clients, family and crews. He loves his family and his work and enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done.

Our Founder

Tony Borkowski, CEO

Advertising Distributors Inc - The Next Generation
Advertising Distributors Inc - The Next Generation
Advertising Distributors Inc - The Next Generation
Advertising Distributors Inc - The Next Generation
Advertising Distributors Inc - The Next Generation
Advertising Distributors Inc - The Next Generation
Advertising Distributors Inc - The Next Generation
Advertising Distributors Inc - The Next Generation
Advertising Distributors Inc - The Next Generation

The Next Generation of ADI


Fax: 410-663-5003

 Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 11710
Baltimore, MD 21206

 Warehouse Address:
6801 Eastern Ave, Suite 206
Baltimore, MD. 21224

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